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By Antonio (Jay) Pastrana Jr., Juan Battle, Angelique Harris

This publication makes use of own narratives and survey information from over 1,100 respondents to discover the variety of reports throughout Latinx LGBT groups in the usa, together with Puerto Rico. The authors rfile and have fun a few of the daily strengths and methods hired through this striking inhabitants to navigate and negotiate their day-by-day lives.

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Further, over 90% of Latinx LGBT people are out to their friends and family (Battle et al. 2013; Pastrana 2015). 34% Out to all In their religious communities. Of Latinx LGBT SJS Survey respondents were RELIGION The role of religion in the coming out process of LGBT people has not yet been determined. That is, though there are certainly some palpable and vocal forms of bigotry present in some religious contexts, LGBT individuals are still coming out and challenging these perceptions. Indeed, some are also forming and finding religious settings where people are accepting LGBT existence.

More than mere negative influences, these factors are often cited as racial- and ethnic-specific reasons why Latinx individuals do not readily disclose or embrace their LGBT identity. Though some scholars have recently suggested that relying on these stereotypical depictions is akin to subscribing to racist ideologies, much of the social scientific literature identifies sexual silence, familism, and conservative religious beliefs as factors that inhibit expressions of Latinx sexuality broadly and LGBT identities specifically.

This chapter focuses on Latinx families, the process of coming out within them, and the families created by Latinx LGBT people. SUPPORT WITHIN FAMILIES Though it is important to recognize and honor the diversity that exists within families, research often limits our collective frameworks. For example, many people use the same-sex marriage household construct as a way to define not only homosexuality in general but also the family formations that exist for LGBT people. This practice undermines expansive and evidence-based understandings of what families are today.

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