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By Timothy Leary

Publish yr note: First released November 1st 2008

Death is more and more at the time table for child boomers relocating ever in the direction of it. Timothy Leary brings a few startlingly clean rules to this subject. essentially, he claims, now we have been brainwashed by means of our associations — executive, equipped faith, the healthcare — to simply accept demise as an inevitable finish. Leary argues as an alternative that dying is misunderstood, that we don't have to die, and that there are "commonsense alternatives."

His thought rests at the transhumanist process that claims humans are evolving into religious machines — beings which are half human and half computer and finally won't die because the time period is usually understood. Being geared up with computer elements like bionic knees is a part of this method. And as we evolve during the cybernetic age, he says, we are going to achieve new knowledge that broadens our definition of non-public immortality and gene-pool survival — the "postbiologic choice of the data species."

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In some cases the increase has been dramatic—almost doubling. Scientists agree: Caloric restriction works in mice, rates, bats. Hamsters, dogs and cats. It works in insects, fish and even microorganisms. After a century of research and several hundred controlled studies, caloric restriction has been shown to be effective in increasing maximum life span in virtually every case where it has been used. Alternatives to Involuntary Death 57 From his research in caloric restriction and immunology, in 1986 Walford wrote The 120-Year Diet: How to Double Your Vital Years, where he reviews the scientific work.

Near-death stories passing through a dark tunnel, then refocusing and becoming aware of a detached spiritual body watching the physical body with revival efforts underway. Subsequently a world filled with light and freedom emerges in which the individual meets a “being of light” who portrays perfect understanding and love, leaving them with a deep sense of peace and well-being. Ancient Egyptians believed that each individual had two souls, a ba and a ka, which separated at death unless steps were taken to prevent this division.

To achieve this Lilly devised the “void method” using the sensory isolation tank in which he studied the workings of his mind. Lilly showed that an isolated mind can study its own processes, free of feedback with the external world. Relaxation Physical restoration can be accelerated through the use of flotations therapy. When floating the body reaches states of total relaxation where tension is released and the energy is allowed to flow into the needed areas. When the burden of processing is reduced, Alternatives to Involuntary Death 51 the body has access to immense resources to heal itself.

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