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By Antero Alli

All Rites Reversed?! is full of ritual innovations stripped of dogma and imposed trust for potent rite. "When you input Antero Alli's magic circle you turn into one with the 1st Paleolithic shamans dancing to the bear-god. you'll comprehend your self here-now as you could have by no means recognized your self before..".

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60 All Rites Reversed DEATH Project DEATH ~to a. desig~ated area at least ten feet from self. -FORM, walk mto Its tern tory and surrender to its influence. Bring ~IS_ to a gesture communicating it~ esse~ce. and return to original area of o FORM. Return to DEATH agam, thIS tIme locating your CONTACT ~OEAINTTH WRITH RESPONSE TO DEATH. Develop relationship with . eturn to NO-FORM area. DR. DEATH AND THE WARRIOR Ritual duet. Each individual prepares alone in their LitHe Circles 0 has Contact Point with DEATH PERSONIFIED and the other, W ARRIO~~ Th~ WARRIOR develops a song, rhythm and dance in his/her Little Circle while D~ATH PERSONIFIED tunes into WARRIOR.

Destiny. During the fantasy enactment, the others stop an

Then, thirdly, step mto the GOLD BEAM ... bringing NIGHTMARE with you. Let GOLD BEAM influence NIGHTMARE. Return through NIGHTMARE and back to NO-FORM. EMOTIONAL TRINITY Form a triangular space, designating each corner to one of the following: SA VIOUR, PERSECUTOR, VICTIM. The center of the triangle is dedicated to NO~FORM. From NO-FORM, move out and explore each corner and surrender to its influuence, letting yourself be shaped by the forces towards developing a character who speaks, gestures and walks like a VICTIM, SAVIOUR or PERSECUTOR.

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