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By Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters

Kaufmann and Schwitters have outfitted this text's popularity on transparent and concise exposition, a variety of examples, and considerable challenge units. This conventional textual content always reinforces the subsequent universal thread: examine a ability; perform the ability to aid remedy equations; after which observe what you will have realized to unravel program difficulties. this straightforward, simple strategy has helped many scholars clutch and observe basic challenge fixing abilities important for destiny arithmetic classes. Algebraic principles are built in a logical series, and in an easy-to-read demeanour, with no over the top vocabulary and formalism. The open and uncluttered layout is helping preserve scholars keen on the thoughts whereas minimizing distractions. difficulties and examples reference a large variety of themes, in addition to profession parts equivalent to electronics, mechanics, and overall healthiness, displaying scholars that arithmetic is a part of daily life. The text's source package--anchored through better WebAssign, a web homework administration tool--saves teachers time whereas additionally delivering extra aid and skill-building perform for college kids outdoor of sophistication.

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What is the price per pound? 76. Six more than one-third of a number 77. Ten times the difference of a number and 6 78. Twelve times the sum of a number and 7 94. Larry’s annual salary is d dollars. What is his monthly salary? For Problems 79–99, answer the question with an algebraic expression. (Objective 3) 95. Mila’s monthly salary is d dollars. What is her annual salary? 79. Brian is n years old. How old will he be in 20 years? 80. Crystal is n years old. How old was she 5 years ago? 96. The perimeter of a square is i inches.

Use real numbers to represent problems. 2/Objective 8) Real numbers can be used to represent many situations in the real world. 7°. 2° per hour. What was his temperature after the three hours? 1°. 38 Chapter 1 • Basic Concepts and Properties Chapter 1 Review Problem Set 3 5 25 1. 23, 4 6 3 9 67, and , identify each of the following. 7 (a) The natural numbers 19. Ϫ3(2 Ϫ 4) Ϫ 4(7 Ϫ 9) ϩ 6 20. [48 ϩ (Ϫ73)] ϩ 74 21. [5(Ϫ2) Ϫ 3(Ϫ1)][Ϫ2(Ϫ1) ϩ 3(2)] (b) The integers 22. 3 Ϫ [Ϫ2(3 Ϫ 4)] ϩ 7 (c) The nonnegative integers 23.

The airline has determined that it makes a profit of $475 per first-class seat and $120 profit per business-class seat. However, the airline incurs a loss of $25 per economy seat and a loss of $80 per empty seat. Determine the profit (or loss) for the flight. Let the profit be represented by positive numbers and the loss be represented by negative numbers. Then the following expression would represent the profit or loss for this flight. 52(Ϫ20) ϩ 25(100) ϩ 12(550) ϩ 20(Ϫ75) Simplify this expression as follows: 52(Ϫ20) ϩ 25(100) ϩ 12(550) ϩ 20(Ϫ75) ϭ Ϫ1040 ϩ 2500 ϩ 6600 Ϫ 1500 ϭ 6560 Therefore, the flight had a profit of $6560.

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