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By Bruce Dean Willis

Aesthetics of Equilibrium is the 1st book-length comparative research of the theoretical prose through significant Latin American vanguardist contemporaries, Mario de Andrade (Brazil, 1893-1945) and Vicente Huidobro (Chile, 1893-1948). Willis deals a comparative research of 2 allegorical texts, Huidobro's "Non serviam" and Mario's "Parabola d’A escrava que nao e Isaura."

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Differing from Mário’s Adam, 13 Introduction Huidobro’s poet already possesses a link to the unconscious through his “preciosos sueños y delicadas pesadillas” (715). Both authors cast Adam in the dynamics of a slave and master relationship to show the interplay of the conscious and unconscious elements of the creative act, leading to the possible reconciliation of the self with the other. • Gender Roles and Duality Another dimension of the self-other dialectic can be scrutinized in the relegation of gender roles.

Os romanos o peplo. Qual lhe dava um colar, qual uma axorca. Os indianos, pérolas; os persas, rosas; os chins, ventarolas” [The Greeks ended up giving her the buskin. The Romans, the peplum. Somebody gave her a necklace, somebody else an arm ring. The Indians, pearls; the Persians, roses; the Chinese, fans] (OI 202). The layers of clothing pile up over the centuries to a stifling excess, symbolizing the decadence of previous poetry. Moreover, just as Huidobro contrasts a general historical back- 20 A Desire for Equilibrium ground with the definite “una mañana de la historia del mundo,” Mário suddenly specifies a key day: E os séculos depois dos séculos .

These manifestos tend to rely more on the denunciation of other avant-garde and traditional poetics, and on pseudoscientific vocabulary that lends the appearance of rationality and logic. In contrast, the earliest and last manifestos show a wider range of structure and style, from a greater concentration of poetic images within the expression of the poetics itself (“La poesía,” “Época de creación,” “Manifiesto tal vez,” and “Total”) to highly original forms and themes that expose the psyche of the poetic mystique as myth (“Non serviam,” “Aviso a los turistas,” and “Las siete palabras del poeta”).

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