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Enjoyed this topic and the ebook, it has transparent proofs and lots of descriptions of techniques, and it really works from the very starting and builds on itself. i'd reccomend it. it's a pricey ebook, yet I acquired it for an improved fee the following on amazon, i believe it used to be under half what they have been asking on the UCLA bookshop. i'm going to definitely be deciding to buy my textbooks right here any further.

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__________ 3. If one cube weighs 5 pounds, how many pounds are 3 cylinders? __________ 4. How did you figure out the answer to #3? ______________ _______________________________________________ 58 Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Gr. 3 © 2008 by Greenes, Findell & Cavanagh, Scholastic Teaching Resources on each cylinder. Name _____________________________________________ Date __________________ BALANCING BLOCKS PROBLEM 3 How many spheres will balance 3 cubes? Blocks that are the same weigh the same.

Algebra Understand that same blocks have the same value in a given problem • Substitute one set of blocks for a second set of equal weight in order to preserve balance • Reason about proportional relationships Problem-Solving Strategies Reason deductively Related Math Skills Add and multiply, basic facts • Recognize spheres, cylinders, cones, and cubes from their two-dimensional drawings Math Language • Balance • Cone • Cube • Cylinder • Sphere • Weigh the same Introducing the Problem Set Make photocopies of “Solve the Problem: Balancing Blocks” (page 55) and distribute to children.

One school bus weighs _______ pounds. 2. The flatbed truck weighs _______ pounds. 3. The school bus weighs _______ pounds more than the flatbed truck. 4. Two flatbed trucks and two school buses weigh _______ pounds all together. 37 Name _____________________________________________ Date __________________ MINI MOVERS PROBLEM 4 How much do the toys weigh? 20 pounds SCALE A 16 pounds SCALE B 2. The tow truck weighs _______ pounds. 3. How did you figure out the answer to #2? _______________ _______________________________________________ 4.

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