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By Klaus Joehle

Only a thought:Sometimes there's not anything finer than breaking the entire principles and achieving for the sky. specially if these ideas have been intended to restrict you, us rather than uplifting us.Then it turns into nearly a heavenly act.As with every little thing, there's an artwork to breaking the entire rules.It should be performed in the sort of demeanour that it harms no one.But as a substitute it lifts us and offers us a brand new horizon to arrive for. Publishers, publishing homes, you were given to like them; you cannot do that! it truly is by no means been performed like this! O no impossible! you need to do it like???It's consistently been performed . . . Excuse me please, it kind of feels I left my bulldozer operating, in poor health be correct again I promise. What does all of this need to do with a leprechaun? every little thing is attached to every thing. O' please feed me candy nothings yet do not make me face the reality back, no longer back.

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You don’t take a van go and start repainting it do you, what kind of idiot would then do that to writing it is an expression just like painting and then should be left as it is, to be as it is to express as it does that’s what irritates me. That’s what takes the joy out of it; that’s what irritates me every time I write. “And why is that” he asked “What do you mean, what are you saying” I asked shaking with frustration. ” He asked. “Well to start with no magazine will take it that way, no publisher will accept it either” I answered.

The leprechaun had said something as he got into the boat but I don’t remember what it was, maybe fine morning or something. I did have to tell him to get off my seat so that I could steer the boat. Letting him drive would not look very good to the other boaters since they can’t see him, if you know what I mean. Instead he decided to sit in the seat I had made on top of the front of the boat where I sit when I drift with the currents because it gives you the best vantage point of view. That seat is on the opposite side of the driving seat so he wasn’t blocking my forward view but I was feeling a bit out of sorts having a leprechaun sitting there.

This will increase the connection and this makes it much easier for them to assist you in various areas of your life. When you begin to do this you will find that a whole area of perception will begin to open for you, also some things that you have been trying to work on in the form of perhaps communicating with your soul or higher self will all begin to increase. When you open one door others also open along with it; especially when you open a very important one. This type of behavior you will see sometimes in children but as they become older they let go of this.

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