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By A. N. D. Haksar

It is a entire anthology of Sanskrit poetry within the top English translations to be had. the 1st ever of its type, it brings jointly excerpts from an entire diversity of unique works, translated via over 40 individual writers together with poets and students, savants and seers, and winners of the Nobel prize for literature.

Drawing from sacred in addition to vintage and people literature, this assortment contains a wide selection of poetry in translation. It comprises nature hymns and mystic utterances; epic narratives and love lyrics; songs and reflections at the human ; verses devotional and philosophic, heroic and tragic, erotic and satiric; courtly epigrams and inscriptions, and easy poems shape the countryside.

English translations from Sanskrit have a heritage of over centuries. the best of those renderings were compiled during this quantity by means of a widely known Sanskritist to give the traditional language's poetic splendour, now not via realized discourse, yet through letting the poetry communicate for itself.

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The gambler goes to the hal l of assembly. ' he wonders. His body trembles. The dice run counter to his hopes, and give his opponent the l ucky throws. The dice are armed with hooks and pierci ng, they are deceptive, hot and burning. L i ke children they give and take again, they strike back at their conquerors. They are sweetened with honey through the magic they work on the gambler. Rig Veda . 11 T h ey p l a y in a troo p of three times fi fty. god Savitr, they are true to their laws. T h ey w i l l not bend to the wrath of the m i ghty, and even a king bows low be fo re them.

Thus he gladdened Damayanti with the assurance of his faith. Then, rejoicing in each other, that blest pair, upon the gods Led by Agni, gazed in homage, on their great protectors gazed. Ill . 6 . 5 3 Sir M. Manier Williams * * * * * Mahiibhiirata • 3 5 28 Savitri and the G od o f Death Then, hav i n g reached where wood land fru its d i d grow, They gathered those, and fi l l ed a basket fu l l ; A nd afterwards the Pri nce pl i ed hard h i s axe, C utt i ng the sacred fuel . Present l y There crept a pang upon h i m ; a fi erce throe B u rned through h i s brows, and, al l asweat, h e came Feeb l y to Sav itri , and m oaned : ' 0 w i fe, I am thus sudden l y too weak for work; M y ve i n s throb, Sav itri; my b l ood runs ti re; I t i s as i f a threefo l d fork were pl unged I nto my bra i n .

May the plants and herbs bri ng bl iss to LIS. May the cattle give LIS bl iss. o Father i n Heaven be ThoLl blissful unto LIS! The very dust of the earth is ful l of bl iss. [ t is al l bliss - all bliss - all b l i ss. VI. 16 Swam i / 'ivekananda * * * * * 20 . A Treasury of Sanskrit Poetry Chhiindogya Upanishad 20 You are That Uddalaka asked his son to fetch a banyan fruit. ' Here it is, Lord ! ' said S vetaketu. ' Break it, ' said Uddalaka. ' I have broken it, Lord ! ' ' What d o you see there?

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