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By Fumiko Enchi, Roger K. Thomas

A story of fake Fortunes is a masterful translation of Enchi Fumiko's (1905-1986) smooth vintage, Namamiko monogatari. Written in 1965, this prize-winning paintings of historial fiction provides an alternate account of an imperial love affair narrated within the eleventh-century romance A story of Flowering Fortunes (Eiga monogatari). either tales are set within the Heian court docket of the emperor Ichijo (980-1011) and inform of the ill-fated love among the emperor and his first consort, Teishi, and of the political rivalries that threaten to divide them. whereas the sooner paintings should be considered mostly as a panegyric to the omnipotent regent Fujiwara no Michinaga, Enchi's account emphasizes Teishi's the Aristocracy and devotion to the emperor and celebrates her ''moral victory'' over the regent, who conspired to divert the emperor's attentions towards his personal daughter, Shoshi.

Roger Thomas' entire translation makes on hand for the 1st time in English what's thought of the best paintings by means of one in every of Japan's smooth masters of prose.

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Upon saying this, Takaie drew closer to the empress and tugged at the sleeve of her dark gray robe. “If such a time comes, then you must not fail to manipulate the emperor’s feelings. No doubt, it must be painful for him to think that he has disappointed you and Korechika this time. And, of course, his majesty misses your affection. But think, too, of what will become of the prince who is sure to be born eventually. Korechika is very talented, but there is something weak-spirited about him, and as a politician he is no match for our uncle.

Michitaka had been in tears as he presented his petition, his frail body withered and bent like a leafless tree. Considering that the emperor had for some time been fond of the young Korechika’s comely appearance and his superior gift for learning and music, and that, moreover, the empress had the utmost confidence in her brother, the emperor could not very well reject the petition of the seriously ill man before him. Nevertheless, when the empress dowager put it to him so ten- 42 c A Tale of False Fortunes derly, he could not help feeling guilty for not having sought her opinion in advance.

Now the god of Kasuga was the tutelary deity of the Fujiwara clan, whose members—including, of course, the head of the clan, the regent himself—made frequent pilgrimages. Toyome availed herself of one such occasion to offer Ayame to Regent Kaneie’s household as a junior ladyin-waiting. After hearing Toyome pronounce an auspicious oracle, Kaneie was in good humor and agreed to take Ayame into his household. As recorded in A Tale of False Fortunes, Toyome’s words to Kaneie at that time were as follows: I am truly grateful that Your Lordship should grant the request of one so inept as I, and that you are willing to take Ayame into your service.

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