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A few of the earliest books, really these courting again to the 1900s and prior to, at the moment are tremendous scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in reasonable, top of the range, glossy versions, utilizing the unique textual content and art.

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He could cause herds of animals to “panic” and stampede. 51 Celtic god The Britons and Gauls believed in some grim gods like this monster and sacrificed people to them. Worship and sacrifice Priestess sacrificing People feared the gods and sought to win their favor or ask for their help. People would pray and make offerings at temples to ask for divine favors or to give thanks. Offerings came in all shapes and sizes, from coins and brooches left by the poor, to silver statues donated by the rich.

The chariots erupted from the starting gates, set up on the long straight and thundered around in an counterclockwise direction. Seven laps later, the survivors crossed the finish-line opposite the imperial box, on the left. 35 The Triton blows a seashell trumpet The theater T Mosaic masks Roman actors were men (women could only appear in mimes), and they wore elaborate masks like these seen in a mosaic from Rome. These indicated the kinds of characters they were playing, both young and old, male and female, gods and heroes.

Flute Like a modern flute, this Roman example was played by blowing across a hole. It has been restored from corroded fragments, probably incorrectly, and cannot now be played. Bronze cymbals Found at Praeneste in Italy, these bronze cymbals have holes where there were once leather or cord straps for holding them. The Romans played only a limited range of percussion instruments, which include the sistrum (a metal rattle mainly used for religious purposes) and simple tambourinelike drums. Finger holes, covered to achieve different notes 49 A world of many gods Across the roman empire people worshiped hundreds of different gods and goddesses, demigods, and spirits.

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