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This characteristic of this ordinary or commonplace mind is therefore like a fire work shooting up with streams of sparks. These latter are the restless, proliferating processes. However, they can’t be seen unless the mind is concentrated. One therefore must know both about the entering of objects and about the mind’s inclining out to receive them. Why should the mind be like this? Because when it goes to receive them it becomes bound up with the object, for that object is also coming in to tie-up with the mind.

To wish them away, forbidding their appearance, goes against the ways of nature. ’ Now, come and consider this body and the mental group: this nàma-råpa which I have already explained. It originated in birth; is developing and changing into old age; is painful and troublesome through sickness; and, finally, it must break up with death. This is the inevitable nature of nàma-råpa. Examine now your mind. If it still includes grasping and holding, if it still contains desires, then there must also be sorrow and distress.

How can you ever escape suffering when it is like this. These mental formations are also always coming into association and separating away. On occasion one must associate with disagreeable proliferating thoughts and at other times one is separated from agreeable thought processes. But it is always oneself who originates these thought concoctions leading to association, separation and suffering. One will not stop the processing and therefore one must continue to encounter mental-formations which breed suffering.

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