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By P. D. Ouspensky

Our version is a brand new structure; huge paperback one hundred sixty x 230 mm, revealed on off-white caliber paper. textual content is similar atmosphere and web page numbering as unique version. within the similar structure we released additionally A list OF conferences.

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Aren't one's attitudes governed by emotions? MR. O. Try to understand attitude apart from emotion. It can be independent. It is really a point of view. To a certain extent, this is under our control. If a point of view is right, there is one effect; if it is wrong, another effect. Points of view may be of very different kinds. Q. Do you mean point of view on life and things? MR. O. Think for yourself. Try to find out what attitude or point of view means. Q. Can one define attitude or point of view in relation to the work?

Is it better always to say, 'I am guilty'? MR. O. This is equally wrong. It would simply be an excuse for not thinking, a ready solution. We must think every time. Q. By what means can we prolong these flashes? MR. O. By repeating the causes that produced them. I don't want to give an example, because it will lead to imagination. All I will say is that, for instance, by certain efforts of self-remembering one can see certain things that one cannot see now. Our eyes are not as limited as we think.

You must know what is possible and begin from that, because possibility to 'do' will increase very quickly. You can make yourself think about a subject in a certain way, or you can make yourself not think. You do not realize what enormous power lies in thinking. I do not mean that as a philosophical explanation of power. The power lies in the fact that, if you always think rightly about certain things, you can make it permanent—it grows into a permanent attitude. You may find some inclination to wrong emotional manifestations of some kind.

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