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By Alfred Heubeck, Stephanie West, J. B. Hainsworth

This 1st ebook of a observation compiled by way of a global group of students contains an advent discussing past study at the Odyssey, its relation to the Iliad, the epic dialect, and the transmission of the textual content.

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Irreducible Atticisms are very few, and there is in any case no reason why metrically convenient Atticisms (like (irtKeivro for ewe/ceiaro Od. vi 19) should not have entered the epic language before Pisistratus. 16 If (as I believe) the end of the Odyssey was added at this period (see above, n. 11), there must also have been alterations earlier in the poem to prepare for the concluding episodes. 17 It would o f course have lacked such aids to the reader as word-division, accentuation, punctuation, and the distinction between capital and small letters; these sophistica­ tions, which would have resolved many o f the perplexities which beset Homeric scholarship, were not to be introduced to Greek book production for many centuries.

Viii. 15 Evidence appears only with those who organ­ ized the recitations of Homer at the Panathenaea in the sixth century. Their action reflects and culminates that shift in attitude towards the epic which established Homer as the ‘educator o f the Greeks’ . W hat distinguished the Athenians was their dissatisfaction with the mater­ ial immediately available to them and their determination to make use of the complete poems. As to the process by which the first written texts o f Homer were produced, whatever their date and provenance, no information, obviously, exists.

W yatt, ‘Homer’s Linguistic Ancestors’ , 'Enianj^ovLKrj 'En€Tiipis OeaaaXoviKJjs xiv 1975 . 133-47, who proposes the Aeolisms as a late importation. 3 M. Parry, HSPh xliii (1932), 9-12 ( = Homeric Verse, 331-3). e. is notionally present in order to provide correct metre) and sometimes neglected. O n the other hand, if metre w e r e not affected, there was no reason why Kunstsprache and vern acu­ lar should not evolve pari passu: the Ionic r j< a is (discounting forms classed as Atticisms) universal in words and forms that occurred, as we may judge, in contem porary Ionic.

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