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By Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

This compilation of principles, updates and participant info comprises info on each point of seventh Sea.

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Artifacts The Drachen All Drachen artifacts are huge, much too large to carry out of a site, let alone use. However, their vast halls are filled with tools, furniture and other implements that make a man standing among them feel very small indeed. Because the Drachen relied on sorcery rather than technology, their “artifacts” are rather primitive compared to other cultures. 1. An enormous rod topped with man-sized pictographs, made of lustrous gray stone and weighing several tons. When a Hero touches the correct pair of pictographs at the same time, he ceases to age for next five years, although the only noticeable effect at the time is that of energy being transmitted through the Hero’s body.

Apparently a Vodacce sailor named Leon lived in this cave for several years after being shipwrecked on the isle some 60 years prior to our arrival. It is from his diary that we learned of several insects to avoid. Leon, because of his meticulous style of note-taking, probably saved dozens of men’s fives. The diary ends with an entry stating that he had finished building a raft and stocking it with food, and that he was going to attempt to sail off these isles. Although I have made a point of checking historical documents in every country I have visited, I have yet to find any evidence that suggests Leon survived the journey.

Designing Your Own Artifacts There are four important guidelines to designing your own artifacts. Theme Each old race has its own theme ( clockwork, magnetics, insectoid, etc. ). We set up these themes to give you plenty of space to improvise. Sure, you don’t know everything about the Domae, but you know enough about magnetics to make up some really weird stuff for your Heroes to play around with. Keep It Small Don’t let your artifacts out-do the genre. Too many weird gadgets and your Théah will look more like a science fiction novel than a swashbuckling movie.

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