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By Jose Afonso, Nuno Santos, Andre Moitinho, Rui Agostinho

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6-m telescope) was then *Work supported by grant ref. BPD/5684/01 of the FCT/Portugal 47 48 conducted to help selecting targets for follow-up spectroscopy, obtain information on cluster members, and make color studies. Spectroscopy (MOS, VLT) was carried out with R = 500 in [4450-8650] A. The data were reduced according to standard procedures using IRAF. We obtained 73 galaxy spectra for CL0048-2942 and 68 spectra for both CL2245-3954 and CL22493958. Redshifts were measured according to the Tonry & Davis technique 11 .

De Avillez and D. Breitschwerdt, Phys. Rev. , submitted (2005). 7. R. Benzi, S. Ciliberto, R. Tripiccione, C. Baudet, F. Massaioli, and S. Succi, Phys. Rev. E 48, R29 (1993). 8. S. Boldyrev, A. Nordlund, and P. Padoan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 31102 (2002). ASTEROSEISMOLOGY A N D VARIABILITY OF Y O U N G STARS * F . J. G. pt do Porto This article reports the analysis of the seismic properties expected for Pre-Main Sequence (PMS) stars. 5 M©)- Finally, this work presents a preliminary evaluation of the conditions required to detect solar-type oscillations in PMS stars.

7 is related to very high order moments 22 and has the value of 1/9 for incompressible flows [3], with a similar value quoted by [4,s] for supersonic HD a n d MHD turbulence. Hence, E 3 = 2 / 3 or 1/3 if C = 1 or 2. T h e degree of intermittency in the compressible turbulence is higher t h a n in the incompressible case. In Kolmogorov turbulence Q{p) = p/3, which implies t h a t C = 0 independently of t h e value of S . A comparison between the different theoretical scalings and the ones derived from the MHD run is shown in Figure 2.

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