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By Michael Wombacher

In eleven Days on the area, the writer joins religious instructor Andrew Cohen—a self-described idealist with progressive inclinations—in an exploration of an rising new religious paradigm. during this paradigm the conventional revelation of enlightenment is explored within the context of the evolving universe with actually mind-expanding effects. Cohen, as soon as a instructor of "personal enlightenment," now teaches enlightenment as a collective emergence – the emergence of a "higher we"—which he sees because the flooring for the emergence of a brand new tradition of enlightened values. the following we discover that position the place our religious longing intersects with our deal with the area, empowering either to degrees neither may perhaps reach on my own. Uncompromising in his demand human transformation, Cohen is gifted as an radical non secular figure—unyielding in his call for for integrity—whose liberated recognition and ruthless deconstruction of the cultural and religious established order have stored each person conversing. In reputation of his contribution to the philosophy of spiritual suggestion, in 2004 he used to be invited to deal with the Parliament of global Religions, an strange honor for a guy sponsored via no proven religious culture.

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We finally retired to bed. NOTES 1. Advaita: literally “non-duality”; a Vedantic doctrine that identifies the individual self (atman) with the ground of reality (brahman). It is associated especially with the Indian philosopher Shankara (788–820). 36 • 11 Days at the Edge 2. Kundalini: a yogic term indicating the latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine. Through the practice of kundalini yoga that energy may be triggered, rising through the chakra (psychic energy centers associated with various aspects of human experience) system to open the chakra in the top of the head, inducing a state of enlightened consciousness.

There were New Age bookstores, home furnishing galleries, tribal arts importers and an assortment of merchants and vendors, any of whom could have set up shop in the Bay Area and fit in seamlessly. There was even a headshop with a window display made with such a psychedelic splash of color that it looked as if a hippie had exploded in it. But it was more than all that. ” The clothing was familiar, the music heard here and there from loudspeakers in stores and from headsets of scantily clad, pierced teenagers’ iPods, could have been heard anywhere in North America and pretty much anywhere else in the modern world.

It was not until I saw the large sign announcing “Andrew Cohen Retreat” with an arrow pointing down a narrow road to a small group of buildings a bit further on that I was sure we were at the right place. A few moments later our cab halted in a small plaza ringed by several aging buildings bearing no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. Judging by the driver’s gesturing for cash it seemed that we had arrived. That fact was confirmed the moment we stepped out whereupon we were instantly surrounded by a horde of pleasantly familiar faces.

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