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1001 Algebra difficulties bargains people with math nervousness and others who desire tutoring the hands-on perform they want. this helpful guide companies clients the instruments they should grasp algebra. This name is helping clients to arrange for checks, enhance m/c innovations, follow algebra principles to software difficulties and construct challenge fixing talents. contains the most typical algebra options from expressions to linear equalities to services.

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18 5 ᎏ1ᎏ 11 ᎏ8ᎏ 3 ᎏ53ᎏ 1 ᎏ16ᎏ –LINEAR EQUATIONS AND INEQUALITIES– 156. What value of c satisfies the equation 3c ᎏ4ᎏ – 9 = 3? a. 4 b. 12 c. 16 d. 20 157. What value of a satisfies the equation –ᎏ23ᎏa = –54 ? a. –81 b. 81 c. –36 d. 36 158. 2 – 3x? a. 3 b. 3 c. 3 d. 3 Set 11 (Answers begin on page 164) This problem set is focused on linear equations for which obtaining the solution requires multiple steps. 161. What value of v satisfies the equation –2(3v + 5) = 14? a. –4 b. –2 c. 1 d. 3 162. What value of x satisfies the equation 5 ᎏᎏ(x – 2) 2 1 a.

Y = ᎏ11ᎏ83 x d. y = –ᎏ11ᎏ38 x 280. Which of the following lines must be perpen- 282. A 60-foot piece of rope is cut into three pieces. The second piece must be 1 foot shorter in length than twice the first piece, and the third piece must be 10 feet longer than three times the length of the second piece. How long should the longest piece be? a. 37 feet b. 40 feet c. 43 feet d. 46 feet 283. 75. 25 before the sales tax. If he bought one more canister of Longline balls than he did Ace balls, how many canisters of each did he purchase?

PVnR = T c. PVR ᎏᎏ n =T 1 d. T = ᎏPVᎏ ϫ nR 1 ᎏᎏx – 4 2 ᎏ 3 x+8 = ᎏ5ᎏ ? a. –8 b. 8 c. –88 d. 88 182. Solve the following equation for A: C+A ᎏ B=ᎏ D–A BD – C ᎏ a. A = ᎏ 1+B D–C ᎏ b. A = ᎏ 1+B B–C 178. What value of x satisfies the equation 5x – 2[x – 3(7 – x)] = 3 – 2(x – 8) ? a. 23 b. –23 c. d. 23 ᎏᎏ 5 –23 ᎏᎏ 5 179. Assuming that a b, solve the following equation for x: ax + b = cx + d a. b. c. d. d+b ᎏᎏ a+c d–b ᎏᎏ c–a b–d ᎏᎏ a–c d–b ᎏᎏ a–c ᎏ c. A = ᎏ C+B B+D ᎏ d. A = ᎏ C+B 183. If 30% of r is equal to 75% of s, what is 50% of s if r = 30?

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