Dear friends, the “Resonance trio” team has been actively working in the music market of Ukraine and abroad for 7 years already. The team performed in such countries as: Serbia, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania. During this time, we have gained tremendous experience and are ready to share it with you.

By e-mail or by phone: +380968611715 (Nazariy), +380936586831 (Bogdan) you can order any music services and get timely and, most importantly, high-quality result.

Our services:
-Arrangement (this includes one copy of the score and all the parties);
-Typing music (with all the nuances, fast and qualitative);
-Own song (If necessary, writing text or on the given text, fully written down, various styles);
-Own instrumental music (on a diverse instruments, it includes one copy of the printed score and parties);
-Production and manufacturing: posters, postcards, business cards, covers for disks;
-Musical consultation on: arrangement, own songs and their construction, consultation on playing accordion
-Photo on a disk (this may also include designing a photo);

Recording Studio:
-Sound recording, mixing, PreMastering;
-Creating backing tracks and remixes;
-Recording of vocals;
-Recordiong of live instruments;
-Recording of the live drums;
-Voice-over and dubbing;
-Recordiong of audio books;
-The song “turnkey” (Music, text, arrangement, rotation on the radio);

Why should you contact us? Because your task will work be done by the team which has tremendous experience in musical activity!