The Resonance Trio is a new breath in the modern world of instrumental music. Talented musicians conquered not only Ukraine but also Europe. Being winners of international and national contests, they are actively engaged in the popularization of accordion music in Ukraine.Cover____4

The accordion trio “Resonance” was created in 2011. Lyubinets Nazar is its leader and organizer. Except Nazar, the team consists of two other musicians : Andreychuk Bohdan and Volodymyr Vysotskyy. All participants of “Resonance trio” are the students of Lviv National Music Academy named after M.Lysenko.
The Resonance trio is a group for which there are no any music style restrictions. Using the accordion, Lviv guys try to convey the character and style of each song.
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With the help of accordion, they perform an extremely varied repertoire: from disco-music to rock, from the personal songs to classical music. Lyubinets Nazar is the team composer. Bohdan Andreychuk is engaged in the arrangement of works. Volodymyr Vysotskyy, who is an excellent improviser, also plays an important role in the team. The team visited with concerts all Ukraine and abroad, particularly in Poland and Germany.
The trio collaborates with prominent artists, including: composer Volodymyr Runchak, Galicia group, Volodymyr Ivanets, associate professor of Lviv National Music Academy named after M.Lysenko Dmytro Kuzheliev, Spanish composer Gorka Hermosa, the leader of the “Vysokyy Zamok” Andriy Yatskiv, and the sound recording “Zabava records”. The Resonance trio released their first album “Energy of Hearts”. It includes 11 best songs from their repertoire.